Floor Sanding and Polishing

Hardwood timber floors are extremely durable, lasting for decades. But over time the surface of even the hardest timber will become scratched. This superficial damage can be removed with re-sanding and polishing.


Timber Floor Resanding


Re-sanding removes the upmost top layer of the timber floor, essentially giving a brand new timber surface. This new surface can then be stained, finished, given a protective coating and polished to look like new. After being re-sanded the floors can be altered to suit any home décor.
We have 25 years’ experience in timber floor renovation. And our modern re-sanding equipment is designed to be dust free.


Water Based Polyurethane


Polyurethane is a clear protective polymer coating that is very suitable for timber floors. It preserves the natural colour and appearance of fine wood while providing long term protection from damage.
This is quick drying with only minimal chemical odour.

Floor Staining and Liming White

Hardwood floors are a great investment for any home, but the raw timber doesn’t become a finished floor until it is stained, oiled, lime washed or given a protective treatment.


Floor Staining


Stains penetrate the surface of the timber floor, giving it a darker tint and highlighting the natural woodgrain. The wide variety of different stains means there is always something suitable for any décor.


Liming White


Timber floors can be Lime Washed with a calcium based coating. This gives them an austere chalky finish that brings out the pattern of the natural woodgrain. Floors look clean and open when the floors are treated with liming white.


Hard Wax Oil


Hard wax oil is a modern and popular treatment for timber floors. This blend of natural oils and waxes provides a water resistant and durable surface with a stain or matt sheet.